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Russian area codes and phone numbers

Russian area country phone numbersThe information about the area codes in Russia contained here is intended mainly for the international callers.  Area codes and phone numbers might be somewhat confusing for the callers in the United States, Canada, and Europe, as the Russian dialing rules do not always follow the same pattern as in the West.


International country code of Russia

Russia Country CodeWhen you dial internationally from any country to Russia you should use the one digit country code of the Russian Federation.  Formerly this code was used by all the republics within the Soviet Union.  Now the code is used only by Russia and Kazakhstan.


How to call cell phone in Russia

Calling Russian cell phoneCalling a cell phone in Russia is basically the same as calling a regular landline Russian number.  Some confusion might arise due to the extra digits and symbols you might encounter in a Russian mobile number.  Once you understand the basic principle of cell phone numbers used in the Russian Federation you will have no problem calling it from USA, Canada, or any other country.  In addition, Russia Cards offers special search tools for you to find the exact rates and savings on calls to Russian cell phones from overseas.


How to call Russia from USA

Call Russia from USASimple steps to enable you to call Russia while saving money on your international calls.  No need to switch your long distance provider or sign up for some plans.  You will be calling Russia in no time with the lowest rates and the highest quality.


How to call Moscow from USA

Call MoscowIf you would like to know how to call Moscow from USA, follow these simple instructions.


Free calls to Russia

Free calls to RussiaCan you make free calls to Russia?  The basic answer is Yes and No.


How to call Russia from Canada

Read our instructions on making international calls from Canada to Russia and you will be calling your Russian friends and family in no time while saving money.


Moscow area code

Moscow area codeFor some reason you can still find references on the internet about Moscow area code being 095. This area code has been changed since 2005. Make sure that you use the current Moscow area code.


How to call Russia from a cell phone

Call Russia from cell phoneYou can call Russia using your cell phone without switching your plans.  International calls from your mobile phone might actually be cheaper than from a landline.  Russia Cards makes it possible for you to use your regular minutes and save on your overseas calls.


911 number in Russia

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Russian 911 numberIf the number you are calling in Russia has 911 (nine one one) in it do not make any assumption based on the American usage of those digits for emergency. In Russia 911 is an equivalent of an area code.

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