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Do I have to be verified?

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Why must a phone card purchase be verified?  What is involved in the verification process?

Your phone card purchase order might be verified to ensure our customers' protection against credit card fraud.

After placing an order online most of our first time buyers receive an e-mail from us asking to contact Customer Service to finish their verification process.  A customer service representatives will also attempt to contact you. Your verification process is completed when our highly-trained customer service representatives inspect and verify all new orders to guarantee your online security.

If you are a repeat customer who has been previously verified, no further verification is necessary.  In the vast majority of the cases, your subsequent purchases are immediate: you receive your new card or recharge your existant phone card immediately.


How long does it take to complete the verification process?

The verification process takes only a few minutes, provided we are able to contact you and receive a response from you.

I am repeat customer who has been verified, why did I receive an e-mail from you regarding verification?

In some instances verified repeat customers may receive e-mail about verification.  Usually it is done to ensure your online safety and prevent credit card fraud when there are a lot of different credit cards used in connection with your account.


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