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How can I get a refund on a phone card I return?

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We at Russia Cards .com are committed to customer satisfaction. If you would like to return a phone card for full refund, please contact us within 7 days of your purchase if the card's PIN is unused.

If the phone card you are not happy with is refillable, you may transfer the balance to a new card or exchange PINs, regardless of the balance.

If your card is nor refillable, we can offer an exchange if the card still has its full balance and is not expired.

What if I've already used a card and not happy with it?

Russia Cards is a phone card retailer.  We select the best phone cards from a number of trusted telecommunications providers

You should contact the phone card provider for the card in question.  All the contact information for your phone card customer service is included with the instructions you receive in your e-mail after making a purchase.  Those instructions with the contact info are also available in your account. Go to My Permanent PINs and click on the instructions link for your card.

I've contacted the Customer Service listed on my phone card instructions and I am still not satisfied.

In the unlikely event that your phone card's customer service department is not successful in resolving your problem, we will intervene on your behalf to resolve the original problems stated by you the customer.

If we cannot resolve a particular technical issue, the following steps will be taken depending on the current condition of the purchased phone card:

  • If the phone card still carriers the full balance or the balance on the phone card has been compromised due to the same technical issues reported, we will issue the customer a full refund.
  • If you've partially used the balance on the phone card you will receive a credit for the remaining balance on the card. The amount credited will not exceed the customer's original purchase amount.

The guarantee is limited to the original retail purchase and is non-transferable. Warranty claims must be made within 30 days of purchase. If a calling card was refilled, then our guarantee applies only to the last refill of a card. We will not refund minutes or money for previous refills, refilling a card acknowledges a satisfaction with the service provided.





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