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Autorefill. Automatic recharge of phone cards.

Many phone cards from Russia Cards have the option of autorefill: when your card reaches a certain balance determined by you it is automatically recharged.  A set amount of money is added to the card balance without you having to do it manually by visiting Russia Cards site.

This convenient automatic feature can be activated or deactivated at any time.

How to take advantage of automatically rechargeable cards

  • Purchase a card that has on option of automatic refill.  Search for the best phone card for your needs and ensure that it has a refillable option by clicking on Autorecharge filter in the Phone Card Menu.
  • Activate the autorecharge feature during your purchase. This option can be adjusted or turned off at any time, see below.
  • To manage the autorefill option, go to My Account, click on My Permanent Pins (or click on Recharge my cards in My phone cards menu), and select Manage Autorefill next to your card.




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