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If the number you are calling in Russia has 911 (nine one one) in it do not make any assumption based on the American usage of those digits for emergency. In Russia 911 is an equivalent of an area code.

If you are calling Russia and the number you need to dial has 911, for exampe 911-555-12-34, simply dial the number as you would any other Russian phone number. 

911 is the Federal Code of the MTS (МТС in Russian). Mobile TeleSystems OJSC (MTS) is the largest mobile phone operator in Russia and Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Armenia and Belarus.

A Federal Code is somewhat similar to an area code except it assigned to a mobile phone providers as opposed to a particular area.  About calling a cell phone number in Russia.

Best rates to call a Russian number with a 911 area code

Use the Russia - Cell as your destination for finding the best rates on call to a Russia number with a 911 code in it.