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When is the good time to call Russia. Russian Time Zones.

What's a good time to call Russia?  This is an important question when planning to making an international call to the Russian Federation.  Depending on where you live and where the person you are calling lives in Russia, the time difference might be play a big role in your plans to call overseas.  The following information will help you figure out the right time to make your calls.

Time zones in Russia

The Russian Federation territory is divided into 11 time zones (zone 2 through zone 12 inclusively).  Each time zone has the same time.  Daylight savings time is set in each time zone on the last Sunday in March at 02:00 local time by moving an hour ahead and on the last Sunday of October at 03:00 by moving an hour back.  The boundaries of the Subjects of the Russian Federation serve as the time zone boundaries.  Each Subject fits into one time zone.  There are two exceptions: Yakutia (Sakha Republic) that streches over three time zones, and Sakhalin Oblast, that covers two time zones.

There is what is called a Decree Time in the Russian Federation.  Many regions have a local time that differes from the time zone the regions are located in. This is called the Decree Time: changes introduced to the USSR time system by a Sovnarkom Decree of 16 June 1930. According to this Decree, all clocks in the Soviet Union were permanently shifted one hour ahead of standard time for each timezone.

You get the lowest rate on your calls to Russia any time

It used to be that you get a lower rate on your international calls if you call during certain times on a certain day of the week.  There is absolutely no difference in rates with the phone cards from Russia Cards.  You get the same price to call Russia any time, any day.

When is the right time to be making an overseas call to Russia

In practical terms, all you need to worry about is what time it is in Russia when you are planning to make a call.  Refer to the image and corresponding information below it.  It tells you what time it is in Russia right now based on the current internet time (it doesn't show the time based on your own computer clock thus it might be slightly different if your clock is off).

Time zones in Russia. Right time to call.





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