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Making an international call from Russia has become an easy task even for those visitors to Russia who have no experience with international calling from a foreign country.  If you are planning a trip to the Russian Federation or have family and friends there that might benefit from you providing them with a cheap and convenient way to call you then read more about calling USA or any other country from Russia.

How to call from Russia

  1. Find a phone card that works in Russia.  In other words a calling card with either local or toll free access in the Russian Federation.  Use the Search Rates form in the upper right corner of this page selecting Russia as your from county and then picking your destination to figure out the rates.  Shortcuts to the most popular calling destinations:
    Call USA from Russia
    Call Canada from Russia
    Call Germany from Russia
    Call Israel from Russia
    Call any other country from Russia
    Note that the rates are lower on calls from Moscow and St. Petersburg.
  2. Find the best phone card that suits you. Select a card and read the instructions including the access number information.  Most cards have toll free country wide access in Russia, some cards also offer local access in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
  3. Purchase the phone card and follow the instructions to make a call.  Note that most card use American dialing rules to make an international call.  It means that though you are calling from Russia, once you are prompted to enter the number you wish to call you dial 1-area code-number for calls to the US.  For calls to other countries you will dial 011-country code-area code-number. 
    One exception to that rule is the Arbat card that can only be used in Russia.  While using the Arbat you must you the Russian dialing rules: 8 + City Code + Phone Number for calls inside Russia and 810 + Country Code + Area Code + Phone Number for international calls from Russia to other countries.

Why buy phone cards for calls from Russia

Tourists and visitors.  If you are planning to visit Russia do not think that calling home is too costly or complicated.  Simply buy a phone card before your trip from Russia Cards and enjoy the convenience, security and customer service of an American company.  Your other alternative is paying high prices at your hotel or trying to have your Russian hosts allow you to make an international call.  Be advised that international calls using telephone service providers in Russia are very expensive and most Russians would consider them beyond their means.  You can also try and purchase a phone card from a street vendor in Russia if you have the language skills  and enough confidence in you being able to understand the instructions or simply enough confidence in the fact that the card purchased there might work at all. The cheapest and most convenient means for you to call back home in the USA or any other country is to purchase a phone card that works in Russia and use it while you are there.

Family, friends, fiance or fiancee.  If you have someone in Russia that you would like to help with international calls then you should buy them a phone card. The phone cards from Russia Cards are delivered instantly.  Simply forward the dialing instructions to Russia and let them use a cheap and quality phone card to call you.  Since no internet or hardware is required anyone with a any phone access in Russia will be able to use a card.

Russian residents.  If you live in Russia you are more familiar with the means to call internationally.  Consider the convenience and savings of making calls using our phone cards.

Save on international calls from Russia

While there are other means to make international calls from Russia, we offer you the best in price, convenience, and purchase security, paired with the American customer service.  Compare our low rates around 5 cents a minute to about 2 dollars an average Russian must pay to make a call to the US using a local phone company.  Calls from hotels are even higher.