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Simple steps to enable you to call Russia while saving money on your international calls.  No need to switch your long distance provider or sign up for some plans.  You will be calling Russia in no time with the lowest rates and the highest quality.



  1. Find a phone card to call Russia from USA.

  2. Buy the card and follow the instructions on how to use it.

  3. Dial 011-7-Area Code-Phone Number when prompted.

1. Buy a phone card to call Russia from the United States

We suggest you use a phone card to call Russia from USA.  While there are other means to call Russia, such as using your long distance provider, using your mobile phone plan, or buying a calling card at a retail location, the phone cards offered at Russia Cards are the most economic and convinient way to make international calls.  For more information, read why the phone cards are the best way to call Russia.

To find the best rates on calls between the US and Russia click on one of the links below.  Note that the calls to Moscow (area codes 495 and 499) and St. Petersburg (area code 812) are lower than the calls to the rest of Russia:
Call Russia from USA
Call Moscow from USA
Call St. Petersburg from USA
Call Russian Cell Phone from USA

More info on buying a phone card to call Russia.

2. Follow the phone card instructions

You will be provided with complete instructions on how to use your phone card.  Your phone card may be used from any phone: home, business, mobile, pay phone, hotel, etc. 

3. Dial the Russian country code, area code, and number

When prompted to enter the number you wish to call, dial:
011-7-area code-number

Your number should look something like this:

011 - international access number in the US
7 - Russia country code
Area code - More information about Russia's area codes and phone numbers.

Start calling Russia now Find the best rates