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Making international calls from the United States is easy and very economical.  Follow these simple steps and you will be calling overseas from America in no time for much cheaper than you think.

While this website's purpose is to assist you with international calls to and from Russia, the benefits and ease of using phone cards are by no means limited to calls to just one country.  The phone cards from Russia Cards allow you to save money on all of your overseas calling to any destination around the world as well as on your long distance calls within the United States.

  1. Find a phone card by choosing USA as the country you are calling from and selecting the country you wish to call.  You can also use the Search Rates form above or refer to the listing of all countries with the best rates to call from the United States of America.

  2. Buy the card and follow the instructions on how to use it.

  3. Dial 011-Country-Area Code-Phone Number when prompted.

For more information about searching for and buying a phone card please refer to the How to purchase a phone card resource.

You can also check out the complete listing of country codes.