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Russia Country CodeWhen you dial internationally from any country to Russia you should use the one digit country code of the Russian Federation.  Formerly this code was used by all the republics within the Soviet Union.  Now the code is used only by Russia and Kazakhstan.

Russia country code is 7 (seven)

When dialing internationally always dial 7 (seven) after dialing international code access and before dialing the area code.  Sometimes you might see 8 (eight) before the area code.  The 8 is used for calls inside of Russia; do not dial it when calling internationally.

How to dial the international code of Russia from the United States

Get access to international line by dialing 011.  Dial the Russian country code 7.  Proceed with dialing the area code and number.  A more detailed information is available in the article about Russian area codes and dialing rules.

How to get international access

In general you simply dial 011 to get to the international line in the United States.  We suggest using phone cards for your international calls as using your long distance provider for overseas calls is much more expensive (why are the phone cards better).  Save up to 95% on your calls to Russia using our phone cards without sacrificing quality.