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If you would like to know how to call Moscow from USA, follow these simple instructions.

Using phone cards to call Moscow

We recommend using phone cards to call Moscow because they are cheap, convenient, can be used from any phone, landline or mobile, offer an outstanding connection quality, and do not require any contracts or calling plans.  For more detailed explanation, please refer to Why the phone cards are the best to call Russia.

Finding the right phone card to call Moscow

While the most obvious way to select a phone card for calls to Moscow is to go by the lowest rate, be advised that you should also consider your calling needs, such as frequency and length of your calls.  Read more about a proper phone card selection in How to buy a phone card.

Dialing a Moscow number from USA

Once you've purchased a phone card simply follow the dialing instructions.  When prompted to enter the number you wish to call, dial 011-7-495-XXX-XXXX or 011-7-499-XXX-XXXX, where 011 is the international access code, 7 is the international code of Russia, 495 or 499 is the Moscow area code, and Xs stand for the number in Moscow.   Note that cell phone in Moscow have different area codes, see How to call Russian mobile phones. More info on dialing a number in Russia from USA.