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Selecting the best phone card to call Russia is an easy process using convenient search engines offered on Russia Cards.  Yet selecting the best card is more than buying the cheapest one offered.  Before you purchase a card you should determine your exact needs.  The following questions and answers will help you choose the right phone card for your international calls to Russia.

Do you call frequently and/or make lengthy calls?

If you call frequently (several times a week) you shouldn't worry much about maintenance fees.  The phone cards with the lowest rates count on you using their services on a more frequent basis, therefore they cut the per minute rate and encourage you to use the card more frequently by charging a maintenance fee (once a week or once every two weeks).  If you plan to use up your minutes fast, go with the card that offers the lowest rate, even if it has a maintenance fee. Pick one from the top of the list of phone cards to call Russia.

Do you call once in a while and make shorter calls?

If you plan to use your phone card over a long period of time (few months) pick a card that doesn't have a maintenance fee.  Though you might get a slightly higher rate you will end up saving money by not paying the fees that might add up if you keep your card unused or just barely used for prolonged periods of time.

Does a phone card have a local access number in your city or town?

Most of the phone cards offered on Russia Cards allow you to save money using local access numbers.  The phone card providers have to absorb the cost of offering a toll free number and they pass a part of that cost to you if you are using a toll free access number to use their phone cards.  Using a local access number eliminates that extra cost thus it cost less for you to call using the phone card.  You can also save extra even if there is no local access number in your area but you have free long distance from your phone company or cell phone provider.  Most of the mobile plans include free long distance.  Many of the local phone companies offer packages with free long distance as well.  Take advantage of those free minutes and use them in conjuction with a local phone card access number.

What is the rating of the phone card?

By selecting a phone card from the variety offered on Russia Cards you are able to view the detailed information about each card, including its rating.  The ratings are based on the feedback of users like you. The ratings are based on connectivity, voice quality, billing accuracy and customer service.

Compare the cards

You can do a side-by-side comparison of up to three phone card at a time by selecting a card and clicking on Compare cards link. For example, select the Penny Boss phone card, click on Compare Cards and choose two more cards to compare it to.  Here is a comparison of the Penny Boss, Lucky Minutes, and Cheap Street phone cards - the cards with the lowest rates to call Russia from USA.

Try the phone cards yourself

The best way to figure out what is the best phone card to call Russia is to try them.  If you are not sure, simply purchase a phone card spending the lowest amount.  If you like the phone card you can simply refill it.  The phone cards purchased on Russia Cards allow you to keep the same card with the same setup (PIN, password, etc.) by adding funds to it.