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If you are planning a trip overseas or have relatives and friends that live abroad then you will find the information about making international calls to the United States very useful.  Making calls back home to US is easy and not expensive thanks to the international phone cards you can use in virtually any country around the world.

How to call USA from foreign countries

The following information provides you with basic steps of ensuring you have a means to call the United States from abroad.  The use of phone cards is discussed on this site since the international phone cards are more universal and in the vast majority of the cases are more convenient and economical than any other means of international calling.

  • Select the country you are calling from in the Search Rates widget above and chose USA as the country you are calling and click on Best Rates Search.
  • Review the phone cards listed for the country you are calling from.  Compare the rates and features.  Read the instructions and check the access numbers for the country you are calling from
  • Purchase the phone card.  All the information you will need to use the card will be made available to you instantly.

You can call the United States from any country

The phone cards offered on Russia Cards work in virtually any country.  Your rates and selection will depend on the country you are calling from.   Some of the most popular destinations to call from:
Call USA from Canada
Call USA from Mexico
Call USA from Russia (for detailed information refer to making calls from Russia)
Call USA from UK
Call USA from Israel
Call USA from Germany
Call USA from France
Call USA from China
Call USA from India

For other countries please refer to the complete list of the countries where you can use our phone cards.

Why use phone cards to call USA?

There are other means to call the United States.  Why use the phone cards?

  • Convenience.  Phone cards can be used from any phone: payphone, hotel, residence, business, even a mobile phone.
  • Low cost.  Phone card prices in vast majority of the cases are much lower than any other means of international calling.
  • Predictability.  Traveling to a foreign country means many unknown things.  Having clear instructions on what to do dial and how much it will cost will eliminate your worries about being able to call home while you are overseas.
  • Independence.  You don't have to pay high prices for calls from your hotel room.  You don't have to inconvenience your hosts with having to use their phone.
  • No language barrier.  Buy phone cards from an American company and use them overseas.  You don't have to try to figure out how to make international calls while you are overseas.  No need to shop for calling cards in a foreign location.