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Can you make free calls to Russia?  The basic answer is Yes and No.

If you do an internet search for a phrase 'free calls to Russia', you will find lots of sites.  Reading through them, you will find out that they mostly fall into a category of bait and switch.  They tend to redefine the words 'free' and 'calls' when they promote themselves.

Redefining the word free in Free calls to Russia

Some sites offer you free phone cards for signing up for their services.  You do get a free phone card but with such a small credit that your free phone call to Russia will last but a couple of minutes.  The idea here is that you would have to buy their phone cards to make any significant calling.

Other sites offer you a free month of calling if you sign up a yearly contract with them.  That's pretty obvious and doesn't need much explanation.  You do get 'free' minutes, but the company who sold you the plan will get their money from you in the long run.

Redefining the word calls in Free calls to Russia

There are sites that put their own spin on the word 'call'.  This is done mainly by the sites such as Skype or other sites that allow you to call over the internet.  In order to make a free call, you need to have a broadband connection (which is not free, but true enough, you are already paying for it so let's say it's no extra cost).  You need to download, install, and run the software, which is free.  You will also need hardware such as a microphone, headphones, or preferably a headset, which isn't strictly free, but that's not the important issue. 

Here's the important issue: if you want to make a free call to Russia, the person you are calling will have to have the same software installed, be connected to the Internet, have the software running and the hardware connected at the time you are making a call.

If you would like to make a call over the internet using Skype or similar program to a land line or mobile phone, you will have to pay, it won't be free.  That pretty much limits when and who you can call.

We do not offer free calls to Russia but we do offer a cheap and convenient means to make that call

The advantages of using our phone cards are obvious: very low rates to Russia and the convenience of using any phone (land line, home, office, mobile) to call any phone.  You are not tied down to any software, hardware, broadband internet availability.  The person you are calling doesn't need anything but a regular phone, be it a land line or a cell phone.  And the rates at less than one cent a minute are as close as you get to free.  Remember the phrase coined by Margaret Thatcher, that the only free thing in this life is the cheese in a mousetrap.