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Read our instructions on making international calls from Canada to Russia and you will be calling your Russian friends and family in no time while saving money.

  1. Find a phone card to call Russia from Canada.

  2. Select the best card for your needs and purchase it.  The instructions on how to use the phone phone card will be delivered to you instantly.

  3. Dial 011-7-Area Code-Phone Number when prompted.

1. Find a phone card to call from Canada to Russia

We are not suggesting you buy a phone card to call Russia from Canada simply because we sell such phone cards.  We are convinced that phone cards are the most convenient, fast, and economical way to make international calls from Canada.  You can certainly use other means to call Russia using your long distance provider, cell phone, or store-bought phone cards.  However, our phone cards are by far the cheapest and the easiest way to make international calls from Canada.  Read more to find out why our phone cards are the best way to call Russia.

We are providing you with links that will take you directly to selections of the best phone card rates on calls from Canada to Russia.  The calls to Moscow (area codes 495 and 499) and St. Petersburg (area code 812) are lower than the calls to the rest of Russia:
Call Russia from Canada
Call Moscow from Canada
Call St. Petersburg from Canada
Call Russian Cell Phone from Canada

Additional information is available about buying a phone card to call Russia.

2. Follow the phone card dialing instructions

A complete set of instructions will be instantly e-mailed to you and also will be made available in your account.  You can use your phone card from any Canadian phone: home, business, mobile, pay phone, hotel, etc. 

3. Dial the international access code, Russian country code, area code, and number

When prompted to enter the number you wish to call, dial:
011-7-area code-number

Your number should look something like this:

011 - dial this to get international access in Canada
7 - country code of the Russian Federation
Area code - More info on that in the Russian area codes and phone numbers resource

Start calling Russia from Canada now: Find the best rates