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Simple to understand instructions on how to make overseas calls from US to Russia.  Russia Cards is an American site specializing in international calls to the Russian Federation.  We offer you detailed and complete directions in a simple to understand and use manner. 

This resource is intended as a supplement to a much more detailed information presented in the How to call Russia section.

  • Find a phone card to call Russia from USA
  • Follow the phone card instructions
  • Dial 011 (international access) - 7 (Russia country code) - Phone number


Call Russia using phone cards

While there are other means to call Russia, we contend that phone cards are the most economical and convenient means to make overseas calls.  It offers up to 95% savings compared to long distance and mobile phone plans.  You can purchase phone cards instantly online and begin using them immediately. 

For more detailed information please refer to Phone cards: best way to call Russia.

Find the best phone card for your calls from US to Russia

Russia Cards offers a wide variety of phone cards you can use for your international calls.  You may begin your search by finding the best rates:


The lowest rate is usually the determining factor in a decision as to what card to buy.  You might also consider other factors, such as the length and frequency of your calls when making a selection.

Please refer to Finding the best phone card to call Russia resource for more information.

Using calling cards to call Russia

When you purchase a phone card you will immediately receive instructions on how to use it.  Follow those instructions to make a call.  When prompted enter the international access code followed by the country code and the number you wish to call.

The number you dial should look like this:

011-7-Area Code-Number

Other resources about dialing a Russian phone number when calling from the United States: International country code of Russia, Russian area codes and phone numbers.

How to call Russia from America

We invite you to check all the resources on making calls to Russia for more specific information, including instructions on calling Russia and using your cell phone for international calls.