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You can call Russia using your cell phone without switching your plans.  International calls from your mobile phone might actually be cheaper than from a landline.  Russia Cards makes it possible for you to use your regular minutes and save on your overseas calls.


  1. Find a phone card to use with your cell phone for international calls to Russia.  Russia Cards offers special lower rates if you use your mobile phone.

  2. Buy the card and follow the instructions on how to use it.

  3. Dial 011-7-Area Code-Phone Number when prompted.

How to use your mobile phone to call Russia

1. Find a phone card to use with your phone.  Russia Cards offers low rates if you use your cell phone due to the fact that you can use local access numbers instead of a toll free number even if there is no local access numbers in your area.

2. Buy the phone card and program your phone.  Read the instructions and program the access number, password and PIN into your phone's memory.  With many cards you can simply register your cell phone number and take advantage of the PINLESS dialing feature.  After you dial the access number, the system recognizes your phone and you don't have to enter any additional information.

3. Dial the number in Russia.  Dialing the number in Russia using your cell phone is no different than dialing it from any other phone.  Follow the instructions on How to call Russia.  You can also program the number you are calling in Russia into your phone.

Why use phone cards for international calls from a cell phone

Cost. Most mobile calling plans include free long distance.  However, you can't use those free minutes to make direct international calls.  You can use them to dial a local access number anywhere in the country.  It's especially convenient and economical if a phone card doesn't have local access numbers in your area.  With local access numbers you always get a lower rates as opposed to using toll free access numbers.

Convenience.  You can use your mobile phone anywhere to call Russia.  Simply program the access number, PIN and password (if applicable; some cards have a PINLESS feature), and the number you are calling in Russia.  Insert a Pause between all the above (your phone has that feature).

You can certainly dial a Russian phone number directly from your cell phone. Be advised, a minute of a phone call to Russia from your mobile will cost you around $ 1.50 and those minutes are not included in your free long distance.  Therefore, we advise you to use a phone card to make your calls to Russia from your cell phone.